someone once told me that it is better to have one simple idea and make it work, than a thousand great ideas that never evolves past step 1. i totally agree. another phrase that stuck in my mind after hearing someone say it the other day was “this is an excellent idea but a terrible plan” what this made me realize, is that an idea is nothing without a plan. and in the real world, the one is only as strong as the other.

A bit of a random introduction, which is probably the perfect fit for the rest of this post. I have recently relocated to Johannesburg, and have learned more in the past 4 weeks than in a very long time. Change is truly one of the greatest accelerators – both professionally and personally. It is a pity that in the eyes of society it is often associated with negative perceptions like a lack of commitment. I think commitment is measured by so many different criteria that constant change may have very limited influence, if any.

So why is it that in the business world, experience is measured by time within one position? I found that in moving around between positions, and companies –  it has given me an opportunity to develop and learn far quicker than if i had subscribed to getting stuck in the day to day running of any one position in one company. This may be a very subjective point of view, as each person learns differently. But that said, what i have come to realize is that a big part of learning in the business world is company specific – systems and processes, getting to know team members and lines of communication, suppliers and client relationships, product or service specifics, information sharing mechanisms and corporate culture, the list is endless. So how much time does that really leave to learn about what you are actually doing?

I believe that my thoughts are industry specific – thus marketing. It is common sense that the picture would look very different for doctors or ski instructers. But what i am trying to say, is that once you have all the internal learning down, another big part of your time is spent doing the work. which usually comes with deadlines and several constraints. So in the real world, how much do you really learn and experience? I believe that experience is largely shaped by knowledge within a practical scenario, furthermore i think that in a working day scenario’s are duplicated all the time. So how much time do you get to spend on research and development about your specific position? And if so, do you ever get an opportunity to implement? So if so much time is spent learning how to do what you are suppose to and then the rest of your time goes into actually doing it, surely experience and learning on the job will be majority company specific? Personally it is the same, if i look back, the times directly after and right before change is associated with the highest rate of learning and experiencing. Which leads back to my initial point – CHANGE = HIGHER RATES OF LEARNING AND EXPERIENCING. Perhaps an idealistic conclusion, perhaps just something to think about…

I have recently had a lot of thoughts running through my head – due to the accelerated rate of learning i am experiencing at the moment – and have decided to just “store some thoughts in my snap store” which i will elaborate on in the near future.
1.    corporate videotorial tv show, new career path – unconventional real life marketing and corporate culture display. imagine brands and companies can really be transparent and allow the world to see what goes on behind the scenes. imagine the quality of workforce that you will attract and how the brand/corporate – employee fit will decrease staff turnover.
2.   customer centric approach to research and development of products and marketing campaigns – a theory i remember from university which really does not seem to be that common in practice. south african companies can really learn from the googles and facebooks of the world. it is all about being transparent and collaboration between all stakeholders.
3.    the value of being able to spot what is cool – really cool. cape town definitely has an upper hand when it comes to really awesome brands, design, fashion, style and true class.
4.    fashion graphics – more than just a pampered image, a form of communication enabling simply pictures to really speak
5.   the value of modern hr strategies – working with the glaceau vitaminwater team really exposed me to experience what a difference internal marketing makes and the need for modern organisational practices in south african companies. the value is unbelievable when a corporate vision and brand message aligns in an authentic way where it is all about being real.
6.    advertising in fitting rooms – in house product & promotional display. imagine woolworths has notifications of specials on healthy foods whilst trying to fit into a new pair of country road jeans? mmmm
7.    lipsy London brand in Foschini – i was surprizingly impressed by this brand,cocktail dresses straight out of the uk a-listers page in the tabloids.
9.    online communication and adoption in south Africa – i am still waiting for mass adoption of online services and networks, but education seems to be taking longer than initially anticipated. where is dave duarte and chris rawlinson’s master plan of edutainment when you need it most?
10.    2010 opportunities, how are we capatalizing? or more important, how are we enabling young and ambitious entrepreneurs to take advantage of what is going to spin us into a frenzy… 🙂

Hopefully soon i will have time to elaborate on my toughts above. for now, simply something to think about.

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