Jeremy Gutsche vs Peter Sheahan


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In a world where we are becoming closer and closer to the people we look up to, I could not help but to think why is everyone not searching, exploring and infusing their minds with knowledge? Is the internet a daunting place to find real valuable information or has no one taking the time to teach us how?

My internet addiction is nothing more or less than my childhood addiction to books. It only looks way better and more colourful and is a hell of a lot faster. But I merely stumble upon my favourite things, and often discover the greatest knowledge through pure luck. I am still in two minds whether i prefer it that way or whether i am just lucky that I have somehow figured out how to find the most relevant content online.

Back to the real reason I am sneaking in this post – I have recently developed another love affair – this time not so much for social networks (even though that will never die, as everyday now i am working towards bridging the gap between on and offline social networks) – but rather for bright young minds – not just pretty goodlooking.

Jeremy Gutsche vs Peter Sheahan – authors of my two recent explorations – Exploiting Chaos & Flip. I have not come to any conclusions just yet, but it is always fun to throw the question out there into the universe and start analysing –

who is better looking?

Picture 4

Picture 6

Just kidding, most amazing insight from both of these young talented individuals – definitely worth checking out. Jeremy Interview on YouTube

Once i have heard what the experts have to say, combine it with what my ever twisted mind interprets and ask a couple of people who i have identified as opposites but valuable, i will post a verdict. Might only be in another lifetime, might be tomorrow. Lets see what happens.

Just something fun, rather embarrassing really that happened to me earlier this week: I decided to share my passion on twitter and this is what i got 🙂

My post on twitter

His Reply

Social media can most certainly be the best and worst at times…

  1. Thanks for the additional plug. I’m laughing out loud that you posted your tweet… you rock.

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