The magical instrument that will change the way we read, learn and love!

Generally I do not write about current happenings, new products or the headlines of the century, in fact, ideas and I will never be one of those “race for the first” kind of blogs. However, because I am already a bit late, and Steve Jobs is the man who got me and still is keeping me interested in Business, I am making an exception and dedicate this post to the latest bit of Magic – the Apple iPad.

the ingredients of magic

It is everywhere, tv, radio, magazines, twitter, facebook, every newspaper online and offline, every related blog, but the article that stuck in my mind was somewhere between page 23 & 28 of TIME magazine. Stephen Fry, a man I will envy till the day i get to do it myself, for meeting the team behind the love of my life – My Apple MacBook. The only materialistic item I have a real relationship with, and it just got thinner, smaller, keyboardless and something similar to what Bill Gates back in 2000 predicted to be the most popular kind of computer amongst people like us. EXCEPT – and this is once again what Apple got right – at least for me – it looks sleek, it vibrates inviting, it mirrors simplicity and it makes me feel in love.

What I liked most about all the articles I read post the auspicious launch was Stephen Fry noting that Apple stands “at the intersection of liberal arts, technology and commerce.” I recently started reading ICON, I haven’t finished it yet, but I couldn’t help but see an ocean of snippets from the book flashing before my eyes as I continue to get lost in the whirlpool of magic, now filling up the tabs in my web browser. Steve Jobs is a genius with a heart.

Richard Waters took a completely different angle in the Financial Times, focusing on the extension of the apple product range and the parallel software developments providing a commercial arm. More specifically highlighting the iBook Store launch in conjunction with the iPad, similar to that of iTunes & iPod,  APP store & the iPhone –  another predicted change in the world, this time in the way we read, learn and search.

But that is not the point I am trying to make, the real weird and wonderful thing that inspired this rather traditional style of post – is the underlying glue in all the articles – Steve Jobs’s “touchy feeling” vision for technology innovations. Instead of looking at devices as the sum of their features, it is all about closing the gap between technology and human experiences, done with an artistic approach of beautiful design that enables a real relationship with the product (not only the brand). And this is what makes me get up in the morning, switch on my device (at this point my MacBook but soon my brand new iPad) and making work, learn, read, write, shop, search, spy and play a whole lot more fun!

I cant wait to have one 🙂

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