What happened to my online addiction?

Too be honest, I am not quite sure. All I know is that I use to love it, then really missed it and now ready to build it. The feeling of knowing something that the majority of those around you are completely oblivious to (taking into consideration I live in South Africa and the industry is still very much in its infancy), the benefit derived once you figured out how to drive around this virtual world of information, the feeling of endless exploration into so many different areas – they even made a profession out of it, commonly referring to the foundation of other activities – SEARCH. The beginning and end of pretty much everything in life. Think about it, it is all about the search of the consumer, the ranking of the business in the search listing, the hard work of the emarketer to improve the search listing through various techniques all requiring a majority percentage search in developing and implementing the technique in itself.

The only tool that outweighs search – that renders google insignificant is the power of the URL. The only element of an internet experience that proves to be stronger than any search and everything leading up to it. So why not let the two parts work together and make sure that your url marketing as i like to call it supports the work of so much energy going into SEARCH.

“Google it” “Facebook her” “MySpace Me” “EBay that” etc. So often we forget to look at what it is that the success stories, the time spent online grabbers and other fast moving websites are doing right. They use the power of a URL to instantaneously provide an ever evolving consumer market with exactly what they need – a beneficial association, a simple name, a useful product and a strikingly good looking yet simple navigation topped with relevant content.  Building Brands Online requires just as much human indulgence as any other real world brand. Except, the revenue model associated with moving from online to offline is substantially more attractive than the other way around.

Bottom Line – New Business Development has no better place to start than online.

Career Development is slightly different – so in a way I needed to give up my online addiction to enable myself to better integrate and build the bridge to ultimately sustain the online revolution altering the way we do business in the flat, fast & informal 21st Century.

So what happened to my online addiction? It turned into a career option.


Organic Thinking

I wonder if going away for a weekend, and indulging in hours of thinking can result in pursuing life-changing decision-making. And then a series of unusual events further enhances the experience of figuring it all out. Really?

No not at all. The process of constantly thinking and trying to make sense of it all just interrupts the natural flow of life. It is with this in mind that I have embarked on a journey of organic thinking. Perhaps inspired a bit by a book I recently read – Blink – the importance of allowing your natural reaction to all kinds of decision making to become more significant. The vast amount of information stored per split second in our sub-conscious, derived from all 6 of our natural senses and not only via the psyche & mind, is wasted in disbelief & skepticism.

I have decided to pursue an organic way of thinking. Just letting all thoughts and reactions to scenarios follow a natural process of evolution rather than continuously trying to be revolutionary through constant strategic thinking.

Lets see how it goes.

Something amazing just happened. As i decided to include an image relating to this post – i googled organic thinking and a couple of websites actually came up. I always find it so fascinating how most of my discoveries about my mind actually exists in reality, and all i am doing is confirming someone else’s theory. Either way, it makes me feel like what I think is not all bullshit.

Check These out



24 and Working

It has been a while since the last time I actually had time to sit back, view the world, sit forward and define the detail. Life as a 24 year old female working comes with a rainbow of flavours. Eager to climb the corporate ladder, happy to love it and leave it, take everyday as it comes, could be happier but getting married soon anyway, rushing and racing, committed and scared to lose it, searching and avoiding, and so on.

So i decided to start my own business. Well firstly it is just an idea. What a way to get wrapped up in all my ideas now actually having a purposeful outlet. It is amazing. So maybe I will utilize this space to document the process of setting up your own business as a 24 year old girl in Cape Town.

Step 1:

Simplify your idea into a work in progress business plan

Or a visual web architecture – StyleCode in its infancy!

Step 1 in life; Quit the Job you hate so much!

Ideas and I

Welcome to my Ideas page. Welcome to my upside down, inside out, all round crazy thoughts. I have always wanted to snap my fingers and have every single brilliant thought captured, categorized and collaborated. This is not exactly snapping my fingers, but until I figure out how to achieve that and invent the worlds first “snap store” I thought this might be a good space to store it all for now, until wordpress crashes and then I have to start all over again.