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Organic Thinking

I wonder if going away for a weekend, and indulging in hours of thinking can result in pursuing life-changing decision-making. And then a series of unusual events further enhances the experience of figuring it all out. Really?

No not at all. The process of constantly thinking and trying to make sense of it all just interrupts the natural flow of life. It is with this in mind that I have embarked on a journey of organic thinking. Perhaps inspired a bit by a book I recently read โ€“ Blink โ€“ the importance of allowing your natural reaction to all kinds of decision making to become more significant. The vast amount of information stored per split second in our sub-conscious, derived from all 6 of our natural senses and not only via the psyche & mind, is wasted in disbelief & skepticism.

I have decided to pursue an organic way of thinking. Just letting all thoughts and reactions to scenarios follow a natural process of evolution rather than continuously trying to be revolutionary through constant strategic thinking.

Lets see how it goes.

Something amazing just happened. As i decided to include an image relating to this post – i googled organic thinking and a couple of websites actually came up. I always find it so fascinating how most of my discoveries about my mind actually exists in reality, and all i am doing is confirming someone else’s theory. Either way, it makes me feel like what I think is not all bullshit.

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