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MiWorld – sneak preview…

Just a little sneak preview of miworld, i know i am not suppose to show this just yet, but i cant help it, it is just so up there with what i have imagined it to be that i cannot help but too share just a little.

A lot of development work still needs to be done, and after this kind of juggeling between different kinds of developers, managing expectations of clients, sponsors, developers, designers, negotiating prices from all angles and making deadlines that are definitely unrealistic –  I am going to be an expert at project management 😉


Bridging the gap between online and offline social interactions…

Mi-World – a world filled with Meaningful interactions. Just a sneak preview on why I have been so busy, that I have not even been able to snap some ideas. A project with many gaps and loopholes, technology being developed for the first time in South Africa, a high risk venture wrapped in cutting edge design, something I think of as a little bit crazy at times, but in the end, there is nothing better than developing, creating and being smack bang in the middle of innovation.