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Social Media, A Strategic Love Affair

Biggest Influencers are your biggest fans

Not only do they know your product backwards, they worship it, they are the best people to sell the brand for you. Ofcourse still be selective, you also need the right type of fans

The Power of Online Social Media

The value of communication in any influencers’ strategy is uncountable. You have to make use of the most relevant medium of communication – phonecalls and sms are annoying, really annoying. Emails have the wrong association – work.  Personal interaction  – cant be on a regular basis – bit too close to home. Social Media is the only way communication becomes an actual two-way dialogue. Its main advantage is that it provides you with a platform where the consumer gets to choose. And the beauty of advanced targeting analysis tools online, is that they work best in social media. Where you can build a brand online first, quick and cost effective, and once introduced into the real world, still maintain the online platform for continuous communication. A platform now already a home to many, just works better. Brand Building Opportunities in a world where the consumer really is king – as they partially developed it – is refreshingly effective. An excellent product brand alignment strategy.

Start an online community – even just a blog at first if investment capital levels are relatively low.
Think IdeaBounty meets TalphaCreative. Think TV meets Telephone.


I did my thesis on a similar concept explored in a mass market. A lot easier to capitalize on community influence, especially when the predominant culture is the Ubuntu culture. One of the stronger cultural influences is collectivism. The power of the individual in product choice is vital. The power of collectivism in communication is just as important.

In a world made up of the bottom of the pyramid,a single social improvement has more impact than 1000 different aspirations. A memory made in reality is worth more than just another empty promise. The collectivism in communication is actually poor logic. The reason why people advertise on Television. However, the part so often left forgotten is the choice of communication. You cant possibly speak to me the way you speak to everyone else, perhaps a select few but definitely not the entire country.
Collective Communication in an online world is even easier. No one way TV screen, but a real time I choose when because you are always there and plenty of cool stuff to do so that I want to come back all the time to come and explore. I actually prefer using email & internet applications to communicate on my mobile phone as I get to choose when, how long and about what I feel like communicating.

The standard one-way message becomes less of a message but a conversation, simply a consumer push strategy.

I am falling more and more in love with Social Media