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24 and Working

It has been a while since the last time I actually had time to sit back, view the world, sit forward and define the detail. Life as a 24 year old female working comes with a rainbow of flavours. Eager to climb the corporate ladder, happy to love it and leave it, take everyday as it comes, could be happier but getting married soon anyway, rushing and racing, committed and scared to lose it, searching and avoiding, and so on.

So i decided to start my own business. Well firstly it is just an idea. What a way to get wrapped up in all my ideas now actually having a purposeful outlet. It is amazing. So maybe I will utilize this space to document the process of setting up your own business as a 24 year old girl in Cape Town.

Step 1:

Simplify your idea into a work in progress business plan

Or a visual web architecture – StyleCode in its infancy!

Step 1 in life; Quit the Job you hate so much!