I love to search the Internet. Especially because it provides me with a platform where I can indulge in all my contradicting interests. But even more so, because I can find anything! This is just a “snap store” of some of my finds i Love. #informationjunkie

My Latest – My own Video Library – Context is King

My Little Project

I Love the following Blogs – very difficult for me to choose so i went on a first come first serve basis


seriously good content – intellectual, factual and presented in personal yet professional way. perhaps just a clever boy with an eye for interesting value add

Cool Hunter

everything and anything that gives you that internal feeling of “wow, this is seriously cool”


Best Entrepreneurial Inspiration Online


Best Online Magazine ever


One of my favourite online thought leaders


Future Trends in Today’s World

The Financial Brand

A definite must if you are in the financial industry, great insights connecting the dots between technology & financial institutions.


An all time technology favourite – a little bit biased in terms of content headings, they have the ability to twist and turn to make something more newsworthy – but hey, still one of the best.


My Favourite Trend Briefings on the Web

    • Bridget
    • April 25th, 2009


    I can not figure out another way of asking you, sorry…
    Did you end up doing the XL-test? If yes, how was it?
    Do you know how can I get a token?

    I appreciate your feed-back…
    P.s. I love your blogs-sites…

      • Nettles
      • April 28th, 2009

      hi, i did my wealth dynamics profile, did it online, such amazing insight and i now use it continuously for better decision making, especially career wise. my primary profile is a star, followed by creator and supporter. very interesting. i recommend it to everyone.

    • Ganief Rahbeeni
    • April 30th, 2009

    Hi Annette

    Your throughts about online social networks and bridging the gap between off and online for the revenue generation have been part of our R&D for the past 14 months. I would like to engage your creative strategic mind.


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