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So often i have all these great ideas, and for a brief moment whilst sitting in traffic, or waiting in a que, or possibly most often the few minutes right before i fall asleep – i write. Not only a blogpost, but a novel. Only problem is that it hardly ever seems to escape the presence of my own mind. Inconsistency has delivered crazy experiences – but in the blogosphere, it is all about constant & relevent content.

In a world where EVERYTHING is online, a google cv seems to be more and more important everyday. I recently did my wealth dynamics profile, and for those who know me it might not come as a surprize that i fall within the Star profile. (check out wealth dynamics here – very very interesting) Following the natural pattern of how my mind works, finding immediate connections between topics in my life, it brought me to the realization that having an online presence may start without exercising any control over it. Organically every person develops an online presence, which may have detrimental consequences in the long run.

Personal branding online 101 – if the web shows it all, why not be transparent and put yourself in control of your online identity before someone else does it for you… Found this online somewhere – thought it might be worth sharing.

1. Buy the URL of your name.

Here are a list of sites that allow you to search for your URL and buy it:

Network Solutions
Go Daddy

2. Create a website

Here are a list of free website/hosting sites out there that are extremely useful.


3. Get Linkedin

4. Start a Blog

5. Make some comments

Another easy way to get your name out there is to comment on articles and blog posts.

6. Be a critic

if you’ve read a book or two, bought a TV, played a game or traveled anywhere, write a review about it on a popular site (Amazon, Best Buy, Tripadvisor, etc.). It will get indexed for search.

7. Be shameless

By now I am sure you’ve heard of Twitter, the microblogging tool that’s taking the geek world by storm. What you’ll notice is that the folks who are really good at getting followers always post helpful links. Do the same. But every once in a while, post a link that goes to your website or blog. If you’ve got something interesting for people to read or see, they’ll follow you. You can also post your blog or web URL when you make comments. If it’s too long, just go to Tinyurl to shorten it. You will also want to ping search engines when you have a new post to your blog. Here are some popular tools:


8. Be consistent

Building your online brand isn’t tough, but it takes consistency to make sure it stays where you want it to be. If you follow all of the previous steps and drop them all a month later, rest assured your search rankings will fall into obscurity. Also, everything is time/date stamped by the search engines. If someone does a search on you and the most recent thing is from 5 years ago, what does that say about you, other than you’ve been living in a unibomber shack in the woods.

Thank you Rodger – I really find the above makes total sense, and would be interested to see if i can fight my inconsistency with a strong enough intention to successfully create my unique online personal brand.